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UK Courier Delivery Services - How Do They Work?

March 2022

Courier delivery services have become more popular than ever. They are services that allow companies a cost-effective way to distribute products across the UK and worldwide. The need for fast delivery has become essential due to our evermore connected world and fast growth of e-commerce sites.

At first it can be tricky understanding what these services are and how they can help further your business needs. In the following, we will discuss what courier services are and how they work to benefit you.

What is a Courier Delivery Service?

A courier is a company or an individual who delivers a package from one location to another. Typical examples of these companies include Hermes, FedEx, Parcel Monkey, EXPD International to name a few. In the UK, the Royal Mail is one of the biggest services when it comes to deliveries.

Courier delivery services are used mostly for the distribution of products, allowing for multiple packages to be delivered nationally, overseas, and well, anywhere worldwide.

If you are a one-off seller of a product in the UK, you will most likely only need to use Royal Mail to deliver a parcel, whereas if you own a business that frequently distributes products to a lot of different location, getting a contract with a courier service will be of great use.

How Does Courier Delivery Services in the UK Work?

The process of the courier delivery depends greatly. It can very depending on the company, the contract involved, the location, and of course, the service that you will proceed with. Generally, either a company provides its own fulfilment to a local depot, which the courier then distributes, or couriers and sellers can work directly with one another.

A courier will likely pick up a lot of different products in order to reduce transport costs and time, making sure they can deliver to different regions in similar time spaces. This way, they can deliver multiple items in one day and will reduce the unnecessary journey time it takes to deliver to multiple locations.

A standard delivery can be divided into the following steps:

  • The courier collects from the seller, or the seller delivers the order to a local depot depending on what arrangement they have.
  • Courier sorts items and goes to the designated area of distribution.
  • Courier then delivers packages to their customer.

What are the Benefits of Using UK Courier Delivery Services?

There are many reasons as to why UK businesses benefit from using a reliable courier delivery service.

The following list some key reasons and benefits:


Whilst it is important to check the reviews of the service you are going to use; most delivery companies are going to be reliable. It is, essentially, a joint relationship in which you rely on their services to deliver your parcel safely, and the courier service relies on you to have a satisfying experience. This way, they can get as many happy customers as possible.


For businesses wanting to send big shipments and distribute a lot of products, courier services can help to reduce the cost it would usually take to send parcels to different locations. Because of their experience and connections, they can provide for an easy and cost-effective experience, and perhaps even cheaper deals for long-term customers.


One feature that proves popular is the ability to know exactly where and how your parcel will be delivered. All the best courier services do this and it helps the seller and receiver greatly, not just for insurance purposes, but also for general satisfaction. There is something great about knowing exactly where your parcel is.

To know the true benefits, speak to EXPD International we offer a very personal service to some of the larger service providers, that will hugely benefit your business.


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