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  • Door to door European Road Express
  • Cost effective delivery offering full on-line tracking
  • Competitive pallet distribution
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Amendment to European Road Shipment Tariff

Please note that there is an amendment to our European Road Service Tariff,
from 11/11/13 the maximum acceptable length and girth combined has been changed to 330cm
A large package surcharge will be applied to each EXPD International package when its length plus girth (2 x width) + (2 x height) combined exceeds 330cm, Maximum single dimension 270cm, £38.00 per item.

Address Corrections

If a mistake has been made in the address and the correct address is within the same destination country, EXPD International will make every reasonable effort to find the correct address and deliver the shipment. This additional charge will be £7.00 per consignment.

DG LQ Surcharge

 Effective 18/01/2017  All DG LQ shipments on our Domestic and European road service
will be surcharged @ £22.55 per carton
Remote Area Surcharges
A list of affected area codes can be found under the info tab on myexpd
surcharged @ £22.50 per consignment

Booking In Surcharge
Where customers wish, by pre-arrangement, to deliver into
a location that requires booking reference slots a surcharge of
 £17.00 per consignment will be applied


We recommend that the product commodity code is evident on ALL commercial invoices
(A link to the HMRC web site is available under the SUPPORT tab)

 Failure to supply commodity codes may delay the clearance procedure and incur additional costs

HMRC requirements

 Please note that in line with recent HMRC activities and checks, all shipments to non-EC destinations, have to be accompanied with a commercial invoice clearly stating if the goods are licensable or not. If no license is required, please ensure this is stated on your commercial invoice. If the shipment requires a license, please provide this to us in order for us to complete a corresponding license for export. Please ensure that all information provided is true and accurate to the best of your ability. Please provide us with this information in order to avoid any further delay in export


Due to new Argentinean customs regulations, with immediate effect, all non-document shipments for Argentina must have a telephone number for the consignee on the HAWB and must show the consignee tax ID no. on the invoice. Without this information, our agent cannot clear the goods and they will go for automatic broker clearance.
This means the consignee will have to nominate a broker and has 30 days to clear the goods.
If a broker is not nominated and the goods are not cleared within 30 days, the goods will be returned at the shipper’s expense 



With immediate effect, all consignments consigned to Bahrain with an invoice value in excess of BD 500 (825 GBP) should be accompanied by an original Certificate of Origin (COO)

If the consignment originates from a non-Arab country, the original COO must be legalised by an embassy of the one of the following defined Arab countries

Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen

Also please make sure that the manufacturer and country of origin mentioned in the invoice are matching otherwise you
may be charged a penalty


Update on some recent changes with regards to the importation of personal effects into China.

Beijing Customs have put the following restrictions in place with immediate effect so, if your customers do ever have shipments of this nature, please ensure that they are aware and that a content check is carried out prior to sending the goods in to us for export.

Listed below are the most common items:

  • Cosmetics - Max 5 pieces, below 1 Kg in total
  • Milk powder - Max 6 items, below 6Kg in total
  • Clothes - Max 4 items with 20% duty of the value, min duty is RMB60 (circa £6.50) each. Garments are limited to 4 items per consignment with ID copy available. However, if the consignee/owner can produce their passport meaning they’re in the country then there is no limitation on the number of garments per consignment.
  • Books - 5 per consignment
  • 3c electric items, like toys - max 1 per consignment.
  • Health food - Max 10 items per consignment and below 2 kilos in total
  • Food items - Max 10 items per consignment and below 4 kilos in total

It is essential that we follow the weight and quantity limitation above as Beijing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau will have the authority to hold the shipment if it is over the amounts shown above. If this happens we have been informed that all duty and or storage cannot be refunded so it is essential that these guidelines are followed. This will even apply to shipments that may be abandoned as either the shipper or consignee is still liable for all duty and storage charges levied by Customs.

It is also important to note that shipments containing personal effects are accompanied by a copy of the owner’s/consignee’s ID or Passport to achieve clearance


All dutiable items to Cuba require a consular invoice from the Cuban Embassy to authorise import at destination.

Please note that Dubai Customs is now very strict with the mandatory requirement of H.S. Code (Commodity Code) and Country of Manufacture of the items in the Invoice. This mandatory information must be available for us to clear your high value shipments that are held in Customs. High Value is considered when the value of the shipment is above 1000 AED.
Also kindly be aware that if either the H.S. Code or Country of Manufacture is incorrect then there will be a penalty of AED 500.00 for each held Shipment. Shipper should prepare the Invoice on their Company Letter Head with the Company Stamp affixed or else customs will not consider it as an “Original ” document

New Import Requirements

The central board of excise & customs of India have introduced new courier import rules which are applicable with immediate effect.   Business to business consignments: Importer must have IEC (Import Export Code) and GST ID (Goods & Services Tax Identification).  Commercial invoice must display HS Codes and be signed or stamped.   Business to consumer consignments:  Importer must produce a copy of their Passport, PAN Number or AADHAR Number upon customs clearance. Commercial invoice must display HS Codes and be signed or stamped. Failure to provide this information will result in the consignment being held until such time it can be produced 

                                                            Iraq – Service Issues

From Tuesday 6th March 2018, all courier mode customs clearance will be suspended until further notice as per instructions received from Baghdad Customs.

There will be some process changes in customs but UPS is waiting for more clarity & information. It is hoped that this will be a temporary issue.

Suspension of Customs Clearance applies for all courier companies.


We have been informed by our agent that the items listed below must now be shipped as non-documents with an invoice provided.

Customs do not accept commodity as DOX, even if it is not commercial.

Books & Newspapers
CD Roms
Photos & Proofs

Customs have allowed these items to be declared as documents:

ATA Carnet
Ocean B/L


Services to Libya have been temporarily suspended due to civil unrest and the closure of Tripoli Airport
we will resume normal service as soon as possible


Please be informed starting from today onwards expect clearance delay for all non-docs shipments into Doha as customs has to prepare a BAYAN (Bill Of Entry) for each non-docs shipment (Low Value and High Value) prior to clearance, this will cause delays in clearing the shipments as the delivery agents need to prepare the BOE and submit to Customs and pay the applicable Duty/Legalizations.
Also be aware that all Commercial non-docs shipments (LV & HV) will impose Customs Duty/Legalization charges even if the Value is 1.00 US$


Shipments to destinations in Russia with the exception of Moscow, St Petersburg, Nizhniy Novgorod, Vladivostok and Khabarovsk, may experience delays due to the airports authorities applying a temporary embargo on cargo shipments. Russian customs have imposed a temporary restriction on the import of food and medicines. This affects other carriers and not just EXPD. The shipments will be returned to shipper immediately after arrival at the shipper’s expense

Russian Private Individuals 
Moscow customs have recently introduced very strict controls on the import of non- document shipments. They are particularly concentrating on ensuring goods to private individuals are both properly described and valued on the commercial invoice.

As a result, some of our competitors have suspended moving shipments to private individuals in Russia. Customers wishing to ship have therefore turned to EXPD, but the customs restrictions, the length of time customs are having to work on shipments to private individuals and consequently the amount of shipments we have to put on hold to resolve discrepancies is more than we are currently able to satisfactorily process. We have therefore decided that EXPD must also temporarily suspend non-document shipments to private individuals within Russia.


Saudi Arabia

Please see below for some important changes being brought in from January 2012. When exporting to Saudi Arabia and shipping goods with a value over US $100, it's important to take note of the following:
· The importer's Commercial Registration number should now be quoted on invoices and Air Waybills
· Check whether your product needs certification from the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO)
· Certificates must be from a recognized inspection company in the country of origin. They must also accompany your invoice

· Quote the HS code (6 digits), along with a full product description, on your invoice

· High-value shipments (over US $2,500) must be accompanied by a Certificate of Origin

· Telecommunications equipment needs prior approval from the Communications & Information Technology Commission (CITC)

· Medicines, vitamins, cosmetics and food all need approval from the Saudi Food & Drug agency

Passport or personal identification numbers should be quoted on the paperwork if you are shipping to an individual

New Customs Regulations

Taiwan customs have introduced new regulations for goods entering into Taiwan and which we were made aware of yesterday.

Please be advised, Taiwan customs inform that the goods description of import item should be specific. For example, SKIRT/SHIRT/PANT, instead of garments. PC BOARD/MONITOR/USB, instead of COMPUTER PARTS. If the sending station can not follow these regulations, then the shipment can not be cleared by customs. To manage our customs clearance service level, TPE will directly call the consignee to check the real contents of an item as they have to submit the shipping data before flight arrival. If the goods description does not comply with Taiwan customs rules and no correct consignee’s contact information is provided, then the goods will be held for around 24 hours before being returned to origin country.
Please check and provide correct information before sending.

From 26th of May 2017 if NO Specific Item Description is stated in Electronic data or Commercial Invoice then there will be £5.00 penalty charge per parcel


Note service delays into Venezuela continue. Most airlines are either not accepting freight/courier consoles or have limited their flights per week.

Export delays from Miami. New requirement is that all parcels, even documents MUST clearly show both a shipper and receiver phone number.

Please make sure to notify shippers to expect delays, check the list of restricted items and to include full shipper/receiver details, phone numbers on all parcels.

Surcharge Information

Changes in fuel prices have resulted in increased overall costs for the transport industry, necessitating the introduction of a variable fuel surcharge which may rise, fall or be removed to align with movements in fuel prices.

After the terrorist attacks of September 11 2001, all carriers had to increase their security measures tremendously, also for air freight transportation. EXPD International Limited additional security activities, have already resulted in unavoidable extra costs, and will be partially recovered by the introduction of our current applied surcharge ( from 01/04/19) of 18 % for air shipments and 10.5 % on road shipments








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Please note we have become aware that EXPD International has been referenced in a SCAM with regard to property rental Worldwide. We do not, nor have we ever acted as rental agents, and are unaware of these transactions.

We advise that you seek further advice if this affects you or if you have been told to contact us.

EXPD have reported this matter to the UK authority Action Fraud (National Fraud & Cyber Crime) who can be contacted on 0300 123 2040.