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Why You Should Be Using Next Day Delivery Services

April 2022

If you are sending parcels to customers through your traditional or e-commerce business, or just simply sending a small package via eBay, you should always be using next day delivery.

Whether next day delivery is worth the extra cost and urgency is debatable. However, with the online shopping industry growing exponentially in recent years, customer satisfaction and expectations have become vital in standing out from the crowd.

Next day delivery or 24-hour delivery services allow you to have whatever parcel you are sending delivered the day after you send it, making for a prompt and effective service; and at that, one that will leave customers impressed.

Is next day delivery worth it? Read the following to find out the benefits that a next day delivery service can offer.

Expenses & Relationships

If you are sending a large volume of parcels, it is no wonder you will be wary of the increased price of sending such large amounts of goods on next day delivery.

What you should be wary of, however, are customer relationships. Of course, it will cost a few more pounds to post packages faster, but this will ultimately lead to better long-term customer relationships in the long run.

Due to the amount of competition that e-commerce sites are facing nowadays, it is important that aspects like customer reviews and satisfaction are considered. If you are a supplier that deliver your packages promptly, you will undoubtedly receive better ratings and reviews as a result. These sorts of things don’t go a miss when it comes to customer service.

Furthermore, when customers know their parcel is going to be delivered the next day reliably, they will be more inclined to keep using your service, leading to continued business and long-term relationships.

In fact, a retail survey conducted by KPMG showed that UK retail companies could be losing up to £4.9 billion a year just by not offering a next day delivery service, mostly because customers will go elsewhere to get their products delivered sharpish.

Thus, a little more expense and investment can go a long way in terms of growing a business.


One important point to consider is that most high-profile customers, or customers that will be ordering a large volume of goods, will all have busy schedules. These customers are essentially going to be the most important in growing your business, and ensuring they are satisfied without waiting around for days for their parcel to arrive will be essential in keeping them around.

With this fast-paced world we live in, waiting 3-5 working days for a parcel can feel like an eternity, and it’s just not going to cut it with a lot of customers.

Increasing Web Conversions

It is no secret that using faster delivery is the most effective way to increase web conversions.

By offering free next day delivery, your online web conversions will increase even more so. These sorts of incentives are treated almost as deals or savings for the consumer and is a great way to outperform your competitors. Offering free delivery will persuade a lot of people that their purchase is worthwhile, and the reduced fee will seem like a bargain.

Another incentive that works well which is used by many big e-commerce companies like ASOS for example, is offering a monthly or annual fee in order to sway delivery fees. With customers that order online frequently, this will seem like a big incentive and one that will be worth it in the long run. It will also make your company just as much money as charging delivery fees.

Similarly, free returns are also a kind bonus. This will further encourage customer satisfaction, but most importantly trust. Consumers want to know that they can trust their supplier and courier services, otherwise they will not invest their time and hard-earned pennies into the company.

To summarise, next day delivery can be a game-changer when it comes to gaining online traction and customer satisfaction. It can improve online reviews, bring customers back, and ultimately grow your business.

Customer service and efficiency is everything in this fast-paced landscape; make the most of it!

If you are looking for a reliable next day courier for your business talk to EXPD International and see how we can help your business, and keep your customers happy.


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